Maxi Climber Vertical Climber Compare To Other Fitness Machines

There are a number of ways to exercise. You can start jogging, biking, or even something like zumba. As mentioned earlier, there are a lot of benefits in working out. Most will say that you need to go and get a gym membership.

This is not a bad idea but considering that a lot of us have very busy lives, we need something that we can use at home, does not take up too much space and obviously is effective.

maxi climber
maxi climber

So why don’t we just go and buy a treadmill or a stationary bike? Well, those definitely are good options but they also have a lot of disadvantages. Maxi Climber reviews has a lot of things going for it and here are a few of them:

Maxi Climber Vertical Climber vs Treadmills

As primarily a cardiovascular exercise equipment, the Maxi Climber will inevitably be compared to other types of cardio workout like the ever popular treadmill.

Ask anybody who knows what they are talking about, or even thinks that they do, and they will tell you that a treadmill is a staple when it comes to cardio.

As a home gym equipment, both treadmill and Maxi Climber have pros and cons. So lets go ahead and pit them against each other on certain standards that buyers often look at.


Top level treadmill, the NordicTrack, will set you back close to $1,600. Of course, there are those who will cost a lot higher, like the Vision Fitness TF ($2,600), but the quality of the NordicTrack sets it apart. Even the most affordable treadmill will cost you $800 (Horizon Fitness T).

The Maxi Climber will set you back less than $250 which means you will not feel like you’ve just been punched in the stomach by the sales rep. Maxi Climber wins this round.

Weight Capacity:

An entry level treadmill has a weight capacity of 300 lbs. This is just with an entry level one. Higher priced contenders can support 100 lbs. more.

This is where the Maxi Climber comes a bit light. Officially, it has a maximum weight capacity of 240 lbs. but has no problem supporting 250 lbs. Still, it is a bit short so this time, the treadmill takes the win.

Space Economy:

An entry level treadmill is 70 inches long and 33.5 inches wide. It is not the smallest home gym equipment but there are those which has a lot bigger footprint.

This is where anybody will see why the Maxi Climber is a good investment because its footprint is a mere 36” x 28” (LxW). Not having to invest so much in space just to have a good equipment in your house is a big plus for a lot of guys.

Target Muscle Group:

Any treadmill improves your cardiovascular capacity but works only the lower part of your body. It targets the major leg muscle groups but not much else while the Maxi Climber hits the upper and lower body muscle groups. A total body workout, always has and always will win so the big “W” goes to the Maxi Climber.

Calorie Burn:

The whole point of working out is to burn calories and this is why we buy home gym equipments, to be able to workout at home and get fit without having to go to the gym and spend hours. An hour in the treadmill burns about 250 calories while you get to burn twice that in the Maxi Climber. Need I say more?

Maxi Climber Vertical Climber vs Stationary Bikes

The best full body workout stationary bike as of the latest reviews is the Schwinn AD6 Airdyne Upright Exercise Bike. The Schwinn AD6 will set you back almost $560 while the Maxi Climber is about half that price tag. There are cheaper stationary bikes out there but nowhere near the effectiveness of the Maxi Climber.

Weight Capacity:

The Schwinn AD6 Airdyne Upright Exercise Bike has a 300 lbs. weight capacity which is where the Maxi Climber will fall short. Maximum weight capacity is a bit low for the Maxi Climber but it has a respectable 240 lbs. maximum capacity. This time, the win goes to stationary bike.
Space Economy. The Schwinn AD6 is 49.7 inches long and 25.7 inches wide. It is not that much bigger than the Maxi Climber which is 36 inches long and 28 inches wide.

The Maxi Climber is a bit wider than the AD6 but it has one big advantage, it can be folded for storage after you are done using it. In this respect, the Maxi Climber wins.

Target Muscle Group:

The stationary bike targets the thigh muscles while the Maxi Climber hits the arms, legs, shoulders and even some back muscles. This makes the Maxi Climber a better option because it allows you to hit multiple muscle groups at once and in a lot shorter time frame.

Calorie Burn:

Compared to the treadmill, a stationary bike burns a lot more calories. An hour in a bike gets you to burn around 350 calories which is not even close to what the Maxi Climber gets you to lose. 500 calories an hour is not all that bad considering that to lose a pound a week, you will need to get rid of 3500 calories in that week. Maxi Climber wins again.

The final count is 4 out of 5 in favor of the Maxi Climber Vertical Climber against both types of machines.

The 20 Minute Treadmill Workout

For ages we have known the benefits of a good workout. The best way to burn fat on a regular basis to stay in shape and to lose those extra calories is cardio exercise. For that the treadmill is the best option. The best thing about a treadmill workout is that you can just work on it for 20 minutes daily and lose those undesirable love handles fast. You will lose overall body fat on a treadmill. Also you get to increase your stamina as you work on the treadmill. You will notice an increase in your stamina and decrease in weight within a month. The treadmill workout is actually the easiest and best workout regime for most people. There is no such thing as spot reduction. So it’s better if you start working on your entire body in order to get an overall toned figure. Continue Reading

There’s Always New Fitness Training Methods

If you visit the gym or follow a fitness training program at home, then don’t stick to the same regime forever. If you want to lose weight or gain muscles or both, then sticking to the same old regime won’t help you after a while. You might notice some changes in the first 3 to 4 months but then your body would get accustomed to the training method and show no more change. You need to keep surprising your body regularly so that it doesn’t get time to adapt to a regime and settle down in that manner.

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The Advantages Of Using A Recumbent Stationary Bike

People do a lot of things to stay in shape and to lose weight. They even go out and buy working out equipment and machines for their home working out sessions. If you are interested to lose weight in a healthy manner but don’t want to spend thousands of dollars worth gym machines, then all you actually need is a recumbent stationary cycle.

There is more than one type of stationary bike available. Each one works on a different sector of the body and you should use the bike accordingly.

Exercise bike, canon 1Ds mark III
Exercise bike, canon 1Ds mark III

Types Of Recumbent Bikes For Home Workout Sessions-Which One To Choose

  • Spinning bikes – many health clubs these days encourage people to workout using spin bikes. They act as any normal home exercise bike with the front wheel spinning. But it’s not a very comfortable option and that makes it more tedious. You can read more info spin bike reviews at here.
  • Upright bikes or traditional stationary bikes were introduced in the 80’s. This is the traditional model. Not many people use this as again the design is not very comfortable. You have to lean both sides with each cycle so that’s not very convenient.
  • Dual action bikes are very useful as you can work on your upper and lower body at the same time. They have some variation as sometimes you can attach an arm pedaling device to it as well which can give your legs rest for a while. They are like elliptical machines so they are very useful.
  • Recumbent stationary bikes – These are normal stationary bikes with bucket type seats. They ensure maximum comfort and you can workout for longer periods as well. You won’t have to twist your body into uneasy positions for this. This allows you to read a book or watch TV at ease while you burn up your calories.

Why Choose Recumbent Stationary Bikes?

Sometimes people complain of cramps and even nervous problems due to long term use of stationary bikes. It mostly happens because of the uncomfortable seats and the unhealthy settings. That’s why recumbent bikes are the safest. All health trainers and even physicians say that these bikes are the best when it comes to home workout equipments.

Improve Your Personal Training Business

Running a personal training business can be more than just physically and mentally tiring on your body; it can also be very competitive.

In order for your business to succeed you need to be at the top of your game;making sure your knowledge of personal trainer courses stand out from the rest on every level.If you’re looking to become a top personal trainer there are some useful tips you should follow to help guarantee you’re success.

  • Push yourself– As a personal trainer you will be asking your clients to push themselves to the limit. The same should apply to yourself; make time in your schedule to visit classes and lectures that will improve your business.
  • Develop your rapport – Even if your client decides to give up on a course, take time to call them and check on how they are doing. You can also offer them incentives to begin training again.
  • Work for free – Starting out in this business can be tough, and without having had clients experience your personal training courses are unlikely to gain clients from word of mouth. By taking a few clients on for free you will gain some personal recommendations and testimonials.
  • Get on Social media – Word of mouth is still the best way of advertising your services and social media is the digital advertising equivalent. Build your business through personal recommendations, and get your clients to like or follow you to build your potential client reach.
  • Help with the children – Nowadays parents are keen to ensure their children’s fitness levels are as good as their own. It’s a good idea to ensure you have good knowledge of nutrition courses and physical exercises that would be suitable for children as to be able to provide that extra service to your clients.
  • Build your reputation – Make your presence known at local gyms and leisure centres by running or organising a number of classes. If people like who you are and how you train the clients will come flooding in.
woman with training equipment at fitness club gym doing exercises for back muscles

Blast Fat with Exercise Machines

There is no such thing as spot reduction. If you are planning to lose weight and you have some extra abdominal fat, you cannot just focus on that to lose weight. Spot reduction is a myth and you should never follow any trends which promise fat reduction of specific areas. For a healthy weight loss regime, you need to lose overall body fat to have a toned body.

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